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Introducing VeVe Artworks

This program brings licensed collectible Artworks from established and up-and-coming artists to VeVe Collectors as extremely limited edition NFTs.

The VeVe Artist Program has been a pillar of the VeVe digital collectibles experience, and now with the rollout of the VeVe web app, we have launched an entirely new vertical on the platform — Artworks!

Artworks and Silent Auctions

Artworks, available exclusively on the VeVe web app, features a plethora of new creative works from a range of artists and licensors. Depending on your fandom, you may recognize some of the names to hit the program. We also look forward to introducing you to a range of new artists and creatives you may not be aware of yet!

These pieces are incredibly limited editions — we’re talking 1 of 1s up to 1 of 5s — and in some cases, the first owner of a digital Artwork will also receive the signed physical counterpart or possible other utility. New VeVe Artworks auctions will be available weekly, so be sure to check the VeVe web app regularly to get your hands on one!

Of course, acquiring one of these rare pieces will be a bit different from the usual VeVe drops — silent auctions via the VeVe web app.

Silent auctions let you collect in an entirely new and private way! In a silent auction, you will place a bid on your favorite digital collectible Artwork (in Gems) for whatever you are personally willing to spend on the piece. The value of your bid is hidden from other auction participants, just as you will not be able to see what they have bid, and when the auction timer expires — the highest bidder wins!

Note: participating in VeVe collectible drops — including Artworks — requires mandatory KYC. If you haven’t completed your KYC, it only takes a few minutes to become verified. You can find the details here.

Bidding on an Artwork

Before an Artwork auction opens you will be able to view the piece in 2D and 3D via the web app (the same way you can preview a collectible in the mobile app), as well as the associated metadata, such as the description, rarity, series, etc…

When the auction opens:

  • You will have four (4) days to place your bid to win the Artwork, and as this is a completely silent auction, you won’t know what other VeVe Collectors have bid in their efforts to win the auction.
  • You can only have one (1) active bid at a time per Artwork. This means if there are multiple editions you will only be able to bid on one of them (you can choose the edition number!) and you will be asked to confirm the amount when you are placing it and confirm that you agree to the auction terms in order to participate.
  • You can update/edit or withdraw your bid at any time within that 4-day period, however, you can only change your offer once every three (3) hours. A timer will be visible on-screen, letting you know how long until you can alter your bid.
  • Bids cannot be altered within 1 hour of the auction expiry. Any bids not withdrawn by that time will be final.
  • If you are the lucky winner you will be notified in the VeVe web app and via email and will have 24 hours to pay for the auction. Non-payment will result in account restrictions. You will also be notified in the web app if you did not win the auction, but let’s be real — nobody wants to see that!

We truly cannot wait to bring you these artist exclusive pieces and licensed digital collectible artworks and look forward to seeing them in your VeVe Showrooms. Keep an eye on VeVe socials for updates, and follow us on TikTok if you don’t already so we can share these incredible Artworks with the world!


How Do I Change My Bid?
If you’ve changed your mind or wish to update your bid, simply navigate to the artwork that you have placed a bid on (Store > Artworks > ‘Artwork’) and click the ‘Edit Bid’ button.

This will allow you to resubmit or withdraw your bid, and if you have recently edited your offer for the artwork you will also see the timer displaying how long you have to wait until you can update it again (bids can only be updated once every 3 hours).

What if the Winner Doesn’t Pay?
Unlike a standard auction on the VeVe app, if the winner does not pay after winning a silent auction the piece will be offered to the second highest bidder. You will be notified via email, and in the VeVe web app if you are lucky enough to win from second place.

Does It Cost Anything to Enter an Artwork Auction?
Depending on the piece and the rarity some Artwork auctions will require you to pay an entrance fee. This fee will not be returned, regardless of whether you win or lose the auction, and you will be required to confirm that you agree to these terms before you can participate and place a bid.

Multiple Edition Auctions
The rollout of digital collectible Artworks to the VeVe web app introduces extremely limited edition pieces to the VeVe Collector community — with one-of-a-kind works, up to a maximum edition size of five (5).

If you are participating in an Artwork auction that has multiple editions, you will be able to select the edition number you wish to bid for (#1/5, #2/5, #3/5, etc…) at the time of the bid. You can only have one active bid per Artwork so you will have to choose the edition number you wish to place your bid on.

Aug 15, 2022

VeVe Team

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