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VeVe 101: Bring Your Collection to Life

Read all about our Augmented Reality (AR) feature and more!

Did you know you can place your favorite VeVe collectibles in YOUR world? Keep reading to learn all about our Augmented Reality (AR) feature!

Augmented Reality (AR)

VeVe’s augmented reality (AR) feature allows you to combine the digital world with the real world! Stand side-by-side with your favorite superhero, place a digital masterpiece on your wall, and more!

Using AR
In the ‘Collection” section, click on your collectible. Tap the AR button at the bottom of the screen, and follow the on-screen directions. You’ll be prompted to scan your immediate surroundings so that your collectible can be brought to life!

Tip: If the app is having trouble processing your surroundings, try scanning an area that is flat and clear from clutter. If you’d like to insert the character into a crowd of people, first try scanning a clear area nearby like a wall or part of the floor. Once the scan is complete, you can move your character to an area with more objects or people if desired.

Note: This feature requires a stable internet connection.

Say Cheese!
Strike a pose and click the camera button to take a photo you can share with friends!

Mar 31, 2023