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VeVe 101: Collectible Rarities and More

Read all about Editions, Rarities, and more in this edition of VeVe 101!

Ready to jump into another edition of VeVe 101? Let's talk about Editions, Rarities and Edition Types!


All VeVe digital comics and collectibles have a limited number of editions. For example, there may only be 500 or 5000 of a particular collectible.  Each collectible has its own unique assigned edition number.

Example: You might score a Batman, Edition #100 of 5,000 editions. It’s always recommended to buy collectibles at Drop time because they can sell out. Don’t worry if you miss the Drop, you can always try to find it later on the Market (we will cover more on the Market in another article).

Edition Types

An Edition Type indicates that there is something unique and special about a VeVe collectible. ‍

Common Edition Types‍
FA = First Appearance - The first time a character appears on VeVe
FE = First Edition - The first time a non-character, such as a vehicle or artwork, appears on VeVe

First Appearance
When a character with a storyline from comics, TV, film, etc. (such as Spider-Man) is first introduced to the VeVe platform in premium digital collectible format, it is considered a First Appearance, or FA. Note that First Appearances are reserved for characters making their debut on VeVe, and not the blockchain in general — even though in most cases, first appearance on the blockchain will be via VeVe.

First Edition
When an object (artifact), artist work (Cereal Killers), vehicle (DeLorean Time Machine), or art-based format series (poster, lenticular cards) makes its debut on VeVe, it will be considered a First Edition, or FE. Note that First Editions are reserved for any objects making their debut on VeVe, and not the blockchain in general — even though in most cases, the first edition on the blockchain will be via VeVe.

Con Exclusive
Con Exclusives are inclusive of all collectibles dropped as part of a convention or special event such as Comic-Con, DesignerCon, etc. There will be prioritization for FA and FE on Con Exclusive collectibles moving forward.

Comic book character First Appearances exist in their own world outside of VeVe and do not coincide with collectible releases. As such, digital comics do not carry Edition Type designations on VeVe.


VeVe comics and collectibles have 5 levels of rarities. The higher the rarity level, the more limited the number of editions become. For example, digital comic drops usually include five different comic book covers. Each of those covers will be a different rarity.

The five rarities on VeVe are: Common (most number of editions), Uncommon, Rare, Ultra Rare, Secret Rare (least number of editions)

Note: Not all drops include all 5 rarities. Sometimes, we have drops that only include 1 or 2 rarities, depending on the collection or series.

Mar 31, 2023

VeVe Team

Founded in 2018, VeVe was created for collectors by collectors to bring premium licensed digital collectibles to the mass market. With over 8 million NFTs sold, VeVe is the largest carbon neutral digital collectibles platform, and one of the top grossing Entertainment Apps in the Google Play and Apple stores. #CollectorsAtHeart