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VeVe 2023 Feature Rollout Process + Release Notes

This article outlines the new feature rollout and testing process for VeVe including updates on recent releases.

VeVe is under constant development with new optimizations and product features regularly added to improve the user experience and overall performance. While many of these optimizations and upgrades happen behind the scenes, new features require live beta testing, and we have begun to select VeVe users to assist us in this process.

‍VeVe Development Cycle

Each VeVe development cycle takes approximately two weeks. During this time, optimizations and upgrades are made to the app, and are then submitted to app stores for approval before they are made available to the public. Many of these updates are not forward facing, meaning that they usually take place without needing user input or testing.

However, new features do require testing and often take much longer to design, engineer, and develop. This is because these items make large and fundamental changes to the app and its operations. Given we are dealing with customer assets, they must go through rigorous internal testing, compliance reviews, security audits, and more before they are made available for the public to test. Recent examples include Crypto Pay-in and KYC.

Beta Testers

When these features are introduced into the public app, they will only be available to select users (beta testers). These beta testers will be randomly selected and invited via email to test the feature. This ensures that the new product feature being introduced will be adequately tested by a wide range of users before being made available to all users.

In addition, whitelisted users will primarily be selected from countries and territories with lower fraud risk. This includes France, Germany, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the U.K.

If selected for the beta testing of a feature, you will receive an email from VeVe. The email will also contain a feedback link to communicate with the development team, should you face any issues. If you have received an email from domain, you have been invited to beta test a new VeVe feature!

⚠️ Please be wary of scams and phishing attempts when opening any email links. You will be invited to beta tests from domain

New Feature Rollouts

VeVe approaches each new feature with an incremental rollout plan. This begins with a small list of active users that are randomly selected.

Provided no critical issues are found, the feature will be progressively made available to more and more users, until reaching a user target for that feature to be considered “ready.” The feature will then be made available to all users.

For example
, a typical feature rollout may look something like this:

Testing start date: Jan 1
Testing end date:
Feb 5
20,000 beta testers
5 increments over 5 weeks
Depending on the feature being introduced, the number of VeVe users with access to use and test it will progressively increase.

Example: Incremental rollout of a new product feature on VeVe

When all issues from the initial 20,000 users have been resolved and no further critical issues discovered, the feature will be made available to all users. In the event that critical bugs/issues are discovered when the feature is being tested, the rollout will be paused and will not resume until the issues are resolved.

Recent Updates

In this section, you will find the latest updates to key features on the VeVe platform. Releases will occur across all platforms, though some platforms may experience delays due to submission approval processes. We will update this list as frequently as possible, so keep this article bookmarked!

If you would like to be among the first to receive information and notifications about new feature rollouts please join the VeVe Discord server or follow us on Twitter!

28 October, 2023 — Version v1.258

  • Minor fixes and performance improvements

17 October, 2023 — Version v1.257

  • Minor fixes and performance improvements

September, 2023 — Version v1.256

  • Minor fixes and performance improvements

September, 2023 — Version v1.255

  • Minor fixes and performance improvements

30 August, 2023 — Version v1.254

  • Minor fixes and performance improvements

6 August, 2023 — Version v1.253

  • Push notifications are no longer sent for Artwork auctions
  • Added a new pre-signup educational flow
  • Revamped the sign-up and login experiences
  • Added video and/or blog links to drop pages
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

1 August, 2023 — Version v1.252

  • Various bug fixes, optimizations and enhancements

6 July, 2023 — Version v1.251

  • The VeVe Social Feed is now available on the Web app! Post your favorite digital collectibles, share Market listings and more
  • Add Comics to your Wishlist so you can easily find them later
  • Customize your in-app notification settings for new followers and comments
  • Resolved issue with the Waitlist timer countdown
  • Deployed fix for user profile images in the mobile app
  • UI/UX enhancements, including a new loading animation

28 June, 2023 — Version v1.250

  • Push notifications enhancements: Get notified when someone comments on your posts + see read/unread messages in your notification inbox
  • Waitlist v.1 - Comics
  • Drop reservations: Fixed an issue where users are stuck at the "ALLOCATING" and/or "RETURNING SOON" screen on Waitlist drops
  • Other bug fixes and minor improvements

30 May, 2023 — Version v1.248

  • Waitlist Drops

19 May, 2023 — Version v1.247

  • Search will now return more results
  • Find other users that have public profiles
  • Comic search results will return cover variants
  • Search My Collectibles and My Comics

4 May, 2023 — Version v1.246

  • Added new crafting functionality. Stay tuned for new ways to craft and burn your existing collectibles/comics into something new!
  • Various bug fixes and performance enhancements.

12 April, 2023 — Version v1.245

  • KYC process optimizations.
  • Search optimizations including ability to search for edition numbers in Market listings.

31 March, 2023 — Version v1.244

  • Waitlist v1 capability is in place with this release.

20 March, 2023 — Version v1.243

  • Account sign-up flow has been updated and simplified across VeVe web and mobile apps.
  • Minor user interface adjustments to Master Collector Program (MCP) Ranks, Levels, and Points beta.

8 March, 2023 — Version v1.242

  • Readdressed issue causing frequent account log-outs.
  • Further enhancements to crypto Pay-In functionality based on initial beta testing. More testers to be added.
  • Master Collector Program (MCP) Ranks, Levels and Points beta is included in this release and testing will commence in the coming days.

16 February, 2023 — Version v1.241

  • Minor improvements to search
  • Additional enablers for MCP v1. The public-facing feature will be rolled out in line with the new feature rollout approach documented above in this article.

6 February, 2023 — Version v1.240

  • We have fixed an extended list of usability issues including the issue causing frequent account log-outs.
  • MCP v1 Ranks & Levels is also part of this code release. The public-facing feature will be rolled out in line with the new feature rollout approach documented above in this article.
  • Crypto Pay-In testing will resume and those who had beta access prior to the payment provider outage will regain access. More testers will be added incrementally.

1 February, 2023 — Version v1.239.1

  • VeVe: Collectors At Heart brand update

23 January, 2023 — Version v1.239

  • Search updates are now available on the iOS app.

20 January, 2023

  • Payout via Wyre is now re-enabled. Support is online and all transactions will be closely monitored. Thank you for your patience!
  • Crypto Pay-In will resume beta testing with a public availability target of zero issues among 20K beta testers.

18 January, 2023 — Version v1.239

  • Search updates have now been deployed across all platforms (iOS will be made available as soon as Apple approves the update).
  • Payout + Crypto Pay-In: Pending — will resume when due diligence and support feasibility assessment have been completed with Wyre. We’ll provide another update in the coming week.
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Jan 19, 2023

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