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VIZ Media — Ultraman, Vol. 1

Celebrate Ultraman Day with our first-ever digital manga drop with VIZ Media! Ultraman, Vol. 1 drops on Wed, 10 July at 8 AM PT.

The next phase of VeVe’s digital comic line-up evolves with a new release digital collectible manga in conjunction with VIZ Media — Ultraman, Vol. 1! Fully readable, limited editions and with five cover variants from artists Eiichi Shimizu & Tomohiro Shimoguchi in blind box format.

Ultraman, Vol. 1 (2015)
Shinjiro is an ordinary teenager, but his father is the legendary Shin Hayata. When he learns that his father passed on the “Ultraman Factor” to him and that he possesses incredible powers, nothing will ever be the same again. Ultraman, Vol. 1 is 240 pages with five cover variants from artists Eiichi Shimizu & Tomohiro Shimoguchi - which ones will you collect?

Drop Date: 10 July 2024, 8 AM PT
List Price: 14.99
License: VIZ Media
Published: 2015
Cover Variants: 5
Total Editions: 3,500
Min. MCP Priority Bid: 5,000 Points
First Available Public Edition: #170
COMMON : 1,400
RARE: 700
Available: Globally, excluding Countries with the following Country Codes - CD,CG,CN,CU,IQ,IR,KP,LY,ML,NE,SD,SO,SY & YE

A total of 169 editions across all five rarities will be withheld by VeVe for licensor, promotional, team and comp distribution. 40% of reservations will be allocated in the Waitlist for MCP Priority Bidding. There is a max purchase limit of twenty (20) blind boxes for this digital comic.

© Eiichi Shimizu, Tomohiro Shimoguchi © TPC

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Waitlist Drop - Blind Box

Waitlist will open 30 minutes before drop time. If you enter the Waitlist and are lucky enough to secure a reservation, you will have 7 minutes to complete the purchase process. If you do not complete the purchase, your collectible reservation will be returned to the public pool and be available for users to purchase directly from the VeVe Store. More info on Waitlist Drops HERE.

This digital comic will be available for purchase as a blind box, meaning you won’t know which rarity you have acquired until after your successful purchase.

MCP Priority Bidding

Upon entering the drop Waitlist, Collectors can opt to redeem Master Collector Program Points to bid on priority Waitlist selection for a collectible reservation. After a bid is placed, Collectors can increase their bid, and/or withdraw their bid up until the Waitlist closes.

At drop time, the highest bidders will be awarded a collectible reservation for the opportunity to complete their purchase using Gems at the Store price. At this point users MCP Points are deducted from their MCP points balance. If users decide not to make a purchase, their MCP Points WILL NOT be refunded.

If a Collector is NOT successful in securing a collectible reservation using Priority Bidding, their MCP Points WILL NOT be deducted. These Collectors are considered in the Waitlist entry pool and still have a chance to win the drop via normal Waitlist selection logic.

Note: Collectors will only be able to secure a single purchase per successful reservation. Additional collectibles can be purchased after the reservation period ends, if inventory is available.

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Important Note on Comic Delivery
During high traffic periods, such as a drop, the digital comic rarity will be known to you only after delivery to your collection, which may take up to 120 minutes.

Secondary Market Fees
A 6% licensor fee will be applied to VIZ Media sales in the secondary market in addition to the existing VeVe 2.5% secondary market fee.

About VIZ Media
An international authority on manga for more than three decades, VIZ Media is leading the way in what’s now, new and next. Reaching one in four millennials and half of all GenZ manga readers, VIZ is at the forefront of America’s Japanese pop-culture phenomenon, which today dominates multiple industries from publishing and animation to film and gaming.
VIZ is proud to be the #1 destination for manga in America and home to some of the most prestigious anime brands driving the industry. Combined with a market share footprint larger than household names collectively, VIZ has pivoted from a localization company to a market leading pop culture publisher and producer.

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Jul 4, 2024
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