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VeVe 101: Show Your Collection

Learn about personalizing your collection, virtual showrooms and more!

Display your VeVe collection, Your Way

Did you know that you can personalize the way your collection is viewed? In fact, you can even put them on display so you can show them off!

View Your Collection
The ‘Collection’ section in the VeVe app is where you can view the collectibles you own. Here, you can select collectibles to place in Virtual Showrooms.

Your collection will automatically be sorted in the order of the most recent purchase. If you do not see all your collectibles, simply click ‘See All.” Pro Tip: Click the ( i ) icon to view the details of a collectible.

Create a Masterpiece

Virtual Showrooms
VeVe’s Virtual Showrooms allow you to place and showcase your collectibles in a virtual gallery setting, just like you would in your home. You can scale, move, and rotate your collectible to create the perfect setting.

How Do I Create a Showroom?
You will find your Virtual Showrooms located at the top of the Collection section in the VeVe app. You will have one Virtual Showroom by default, but you can choose to create as many as you like to showcase everything you collect.

Mar 31, 2023

VeVe Team

Founded in 2018, VeVe was created for collectors by collectors to bring premium licensed digital collectibles to the mass market. With over 8 million NFTs sold, VeVe is the largest carbon neutral digital collectibles platform, and one of the top grossing Entertainment Apps in the Google Play and Apple stores. #CollectorsAtHeart