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VeVe Master Collector Program — March 2024 Updates

This article outlines updates to the Master Collector Program including Ranks for March 2024.

The introduction of MCP Priority Bidding for drops, Bonus Daily MCP Points for holding OMI, along with Bronze Tickets and Exclusive Crafting as features in the VeVe Master Collector Program have been a great first step in building out a comprehensive rewards program for users.

With future integrations to MCP planned such as being able to redeem points on various accessories in the VeVe Store, as well as Level and Rank-based privileges, the ethos of the Master Collector Program has always been to reward collectors who participate within the VeVe ecosystem.

To continue to support the growth of the Master Collector Program and ensure that the rewards and benefits received by collectors are fair and proportionate, updates to the program will be periodically carried out to ensure MCP is inclusive of all users who participate in the program.

With the release of this article, we have deployed an update that will recalibrate the percentages of users within each Rank in the Master Collector Program to ensure that this balance is maintained, and to align with future integrations of utilities and benefits planned for Collectors on VeVe.

Users Level and overall Points will not be affected by this change, but many of you may notice a change in your MCP Rank. We are excited for the opportunities that this change allows, and we look forward to watching the competition heat up as users compete for the Highest Ranks on VeVe!

What is the Master Collector Program?

At its core, the Master Collector Program consists of Levels and Ranks. Levels and Ranks are mutually exclusive. Levels start at Level 0 (for new users) and increase as the Collector earns Points. Each Collector also has a Rank. A Collector’s Rank is determined by their activity relative to other Collectors. For example, the top percentile of Collectors will likely have a high Level and the Rank of Master Collector. The MCP offers a new and exciting way to gamify the collecting experience whether you’re new to digital collectibles or collecting in general. Below are some key elements of the program:

  • All new Collectors are automatically enrolled in the Master Collector Program, and through in-app activities, can progress through a range of Levels and Ranks to become a Master Collector.
  • All new users begin at Level 0 and increase as the Collector earns Points. Levels are capped at #100.
  • Each VeVe Collector also has a Rank, beginning at Starter, and a Collector’s Rank position is determined by their activity relative to other Collectors. There are 22 Ranks.
  • Points can be redeemed for a range of in-app perks, features, and benefits, such as the Priority Bidding Waitlist.
  • As Collectors reach specific milestone Levels and Ranks, they will gain access to platform “benefits” such as new or gated features within VeVe.
  • Spending Points does not affect Levels or Ranks.

Master Collector Levels

There’s something particularly satisfying about seeing your Level increase over the course of your digital collecting journey 🤩. To progress through the Levels you’re going to need Points, and with more Points comes higher Levels, and with higher levels will come features available exclusively to higher-Level Collectors. So let’s get started!

To level up, Collectors must earn the required amount of Points to go from one level to the next. This can be achieved by earning:

  1. One-Off Points: activities such as joining VeVe, or purchasing from the Store
  2. Daily Asset Points: accrued once every 24 hours based on items in your collection, or holding rare items or low editions
  3. Daily Activity Points: for participating in the VeVe experience such as liking and commenting on the Feed (max 25 points per day)
  4. OMI Rewards Bonus Points: Earn additional MCP Points once every 24 hours for holding OMI in your web wallet (max 10,000,000 OMI per wallet)

For example, Points can be earned for purchasing a collectible from the Store, and/or accrued daily by holding your collectibles or completed Sets. Once earned, Points can be spent on various VeVe rewards and benefits (TBC). The number of points required to progress through each level are below.

VeVe Master Collector Program Levels

Where do I see my Points?
Your MCP Level is displayed on your Profile page, along with your Rank, in the VeVe web app and mobile apps.

What's next for MCP Points?
In the next stage of the MCP, Points can be spent on various VeVe rewards and benefits to help you become a Master Collector!

Master Collector Ranks

Welcome to the game within the game! Along with Levels, the MCP consists of 22 Ranks. A Collector’s Rank is based on the number of Daily Points accrued, relative to other VeVe Collectors.

Daily Points are earned based on the number of collectibles, comics, and completed sets you hold in your collection. and you can earn a varying number of Points based on these items.

With the introduction of OMI Rewards, users can also earn Daily Points from Holding OMI in their web wallet, to a maximum of 10,000,000 OMI per wallet.

Future integrations to OMI Rewards will include the ability to redeem Bronze Tickets for additional Daily MCP Points. These points will count towards your overall Level and will also affect your Rank on the day that they are redeemed.

When getting started, your first Rank is Starter. The highest Rank is Master Collector. The 22 MCP Ranks are divided based on percentiles. For example, the highest Rank, Master Collector, will be achieved by only the top 1% of Points earners.

Achieving the highest ranks in the Master Collector Program is meant to be a prestigious event and should be celebrated!

Other than having ultimate bragging rights by ranking higher than your fellow collectors, in the coming phases of the MCP, certain Ranks will offer access to exclusive features and benefits for Collectors. 👀

The percentage of users allocated to each rank are below.

As the Master Collector Program continues to build on utilities and rewards for collectors, changes to the percentages of users in each rank may change.


Who has access to the Master Collector Program?
All registered users on VeVe will automatically be enrolled in the MCP, starting at Level 0.

Will Points be retroactive?
Yes. Points will be calculated from the day VeVe launched, so your activity within VeVe to date will contribute to your MCP Level and Rank. The number of Points received will only be calculated based on the number of Collectibles and Sets the Collector owns in that time.

Collectibles received via transfer will not receive the one-off Points listed earlier in the article, but will also be calculated retroactively from the time you acquired them. More simply, you will earn Points for holding and set completion, but not for off-platform purchases.

Do Points expire?
No, your MCP Points will not expire.

If I held Collectibles and Sets in the past, but sold them before the MCP releases, will I still earn Points for the time I held those Sets/collectibles?
Yes, those Collectibles/Sets will still earn Points retroactively for the time you held them, even if you don’t hold them anymore once the MCP starts.

Will transferred collectibles count towards the MCP?
Collectibles received from a transfer will receive Daily Points, however as they’re not purchased from Store or Market, they will not receive the One-Off Points for Purchase (see the One-Off Points section).

Will holding unique Sets earn more Points than duplicates of the same Set?
Yes, duplicate Sets will have diminishing bonuses vs. unique Sets (see the Collectible Sets section of the article).

Do the Rarity bonuses also apply to Digital Comics, and do Digital Comics earn points otherwise?
Yes, rarity bonuses apply to Digital Comics as well as the rest of the Collectibles. However, Digital Comics do not have traditional Sets, so Set bonuses will not apply to Digital Comics.

Will we be able to earn/use Points in the VeVeVerse?
Yes, Points can be earned and used within the VeVeVerse. More details will be released closer to the launch of the VeVeVerse.

What is an OMI Token?
The OMI token is intended for use in the VeVe Master Collector Program. It allows VeVe Collectors to supercharge their MCP Point accumulation and will grant access to additional features, rewards, and benefits as the program expands.

What about OMI Utility?
OMI Utility is a term used to describe the varying use cases of the OMI token within the VeVe digital collectibles ecosystem. The first feature released was OMI Reward Tier Season Zero; where users could earn bonus daily MCP points for holding OMI in their web wallet (to a max of 10,000,000 OMI). Additional utilities such as earning Bronze Tickets and exclusive crafting have also been released, and additional utilities will be added over time.

Where Can I Learn More About OMI Tokens?
You can learn more about OMI in the OMI Token Portal. This includes how to purchase tokens and how to deposit them into your VeVe wallet so that you can begin to earn bonus Points.

When will the MCP be available in VeVe?
MCP Phase 1 which is the Priority Bidding System is currently live and available to all users on VeVe. Stay tuned for additional features and utilities as they are announced.

When will each phase be released?
We will aim to release each phase as soon as possible. That said, development timelines can change due to varying factors, so we cannot give a precise release date until closer to release. Each of the phases will release when ready.

⦁   ⦁   ⦁

There will be measures in place to prevent users from exploiting, abusing or otherwise gaming the system, so don’t make any rash decisions about your collections or purchasing activity based on this article.

MCP may be modified by us in future as we continue to test and evolve it to create the optimal loyalty program.

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Mar 11, 2024

VeVe Team

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