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VeVe Master Collector Program — MCP Ranks

Welcome to the game within the game! Along with Levels, the MCP consists of 22 Ranks. Where do you Rank on the journey to Master Collector?

Master Collector Ranks

Welcome to the game within the game! Along with Levels, the MCP consists of 22 Ranks. A Collector’s Rank is based on the number of Daily Asset Points accrued, relative to other VeVe Collectors.

Daily Points are earned based on the number of collectibles, comics, and completed sets you hold in your collection. and you can earn a varying number of Points based on these items. 

When getting started, your first Rank is Starter. The highest Rank is Master Collector. The 22 MCP Ranks are divided based on percentiles. For example, the highest Rank, Master Collector, will be achieved by only the top ~3% of Points earners.

Ranks Are Not Static

Unlike Levels, Ranks are not static and your Rank can go up or down based on the activity of your fellow VeVe Collectors.

You can move up Ranks by earning more Daily Points than other VeVe Collectors in adjacent ranks. Conversely, you may go down a Rank if other Collectors earn more Daily Points than you.

The MCP Ranks Are:

VeVe Master Collector Program Ranks

How Do Ranks Help Me?

Other than having ultimate bragging rights by ranking higher than your fellow collectors, in the coming phases of the MCP, certain Ranks will offer access to features and benefits to Collectors.

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Apr 18, 2023

VeVe Team

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