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VeVe Master Collector Program — Redeeming MCP Points

Level up in the MCP by being active and completing objectives in a quest to reach the highest level of Master Collector, all while gaining benefits and rewards!

Redeeming Points

MCP Priority Bidding
Collectors will be able to use MCP Points to bid on a collectible reservation from the VeVe drop Waitlist using MCP Priority Bidding. Successful bids will secure a collectible reservation at drop time.

Priority Bidding is the first benefit that Collectors will be able to take advantage of using MCP Points. More benefits will follow in subsequent phases, and we will update this article accordingly when more information is available.

How It Works:
A specific percentage of drop editions will be reserved for MCP Priority Bidding and that allocation may differ by drop.

Upon entering the drop Waitlist, Collectors can opt to redeem MCP Points to bid on priority Waitlist selection for a collectible reservation. After a bid is placed, Collectors can increase their bid, and/or withdraw their bid up until the Waitlist closes.

At drop time, the highest bidders will be awarded a collectible reservation for the opportunity to complete their purchase using Gems at the Store price. At this point users' MCP Points are deducted from their MCP points balance. If users decide not to make a purchase, their MCP Points WILL NOT be refunded.

If a Collector is NOT successful in securing a collectible reservation using Priority Bidding, their MCP Points WILL NOT be deducted. These Collectors are considered in the Waitlist entry pool and still have a chance to win the drop via normal Waitlist selection logic.

Note: Collectors will only be able to secure a single purchase per successful reservation. Additional collectibles can be purchased after the reservation period ends, if inventory is available.

Collectors will also be able to redeem Points on various Accessories, which will be made available in the VeVe Store. More information will be released on accessories when the feature is closer to release.

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Apr 18, 2023

VeVe Team

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