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VeVe Master Collector Program — OMI Tokens

The MCP combines the benefits of digital collecting with a unique system of token utility that rewards, stimulates, and amplifies the collecting experience!

The VeVe Master Collector Program (MCP) is a holistic and synergistic loyalty program that rewards all VeVe Collectors. The MCP combines the benefits of digital collecting with a unique system of token utility that rewards, stimulates, and amplifies the collecting experience.

The first phase of MCP retroactively awarded active VeVe Collectors with MCP Points and made a Collector's Rank & Level visible in the profile section of the app. 

Future phases will give VeVe Collectors a way to:

  • Spend MCP Points for in-app perks, benefits, and advantages
  • Begin to supplement MCP point accumulation through OMI Token Utility

If you’re new to the VeVe Master Collector Program, you can get started here ⬅️

OMI Tokens

The OMI token is the native token of the ECOMI and VeVe ecosystems. Since its creation, the OMI token has always been intended to be used within VeVe to amplify the collecting experience and provide VeVe collectors with unique ways to build and expand their digital collections.

While the OMI token is not currently available for use within the VeVe application, it is intended that using/holding the token will grant VeVe Collectors added benefits and rewards while also providing advantages that supercharge MCP Points accumulation.

Below, we outline some of the first OMI-specific features and utilities of the VeVe Master Collector Program.

OMI Reward Tiers

OMI Reward Tiers offer a tiered rewards system within the VeVe Master Collector Program.  VeVe Collectors can participate in OMI Reward Tiers by holding OMI in a specified wallet (currently the VeVe Web Wallet). They will receive a range of in-app rewards, benefits, and perks for doing so.

Reward Tier Season Zero

In Season Zero of the OMI Reward Tier initiative, VeVe Collectors can utilize OMI to gain additional MCP points by depositing OMI into a specified wallet (currently the VeVe Web Wallet).

The OMI must remain in the wallet for 24h to qualify for MCP point attribution. MCP Points gained will be added as part of Daily Point Accumulation (as seen on VeVe profiles)  and contribute to a Collectors Rank & Level progression. MCP Point rewards are calculated daily. 

While you can deposit OMI into your VeVe Web Wallet anytime, you will not earn additional MCP Points until this feature is available. Please stay tuned to our blog and socials for more information when it is closer to release, or learn more about depositing OMI to Layer 2 with our walkthrough guide here.

Note: You cannot send OMI tokens directly from your Ethereum wallet or a cryptocurrency exchange to your VeVe app wallet. You will need to deposit your tokens to Layer 2 first!

MCP Tickets (next)

MCP Tickets are a fun way to reward OMI token holders with in-app perks. When MCP Tickets are fully implemented, multiple ticket types will exist; however, we will begin with Bronze Tickets.

When available, users can redeem their OMI tokens for Bronze MCP Tickets, which can be converted into additional MCP Points, allowing them to climb to the next Level, augment waitlist drops, or spend their Points on other in-app perks and benefits as they become available.

When Will I Be Able to Use My OMI on VeVe?

As utility features near completion, we will release more detailed information and walkthroughs so you know what to expect when using your OMI tokens in VeVe. These can be found in the OMI Token Portal and are available in several languages.

In the meantime, please be sure to follow ECOMI and VeVe on socials for the latest updates, subscribe to the blog to receive the latest info, and of course, join the Fam in the VeVe Discord server to chat with the team and get to know our community of Collectors!

Note: We may modify the loyalty program (including MCP and OMI utility) in the future as we continue to test and evolve it to create the optimal loyalty program.

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Jun 13, 2023

VeVe Team

Founded in 2018, VeVe was created for collectors by collectors to bring premium licensed digital collectibles to the mass market. With over 8 million NFTs sold, VeVe is the largest carbon neutral digital collectibles platform, and one of the top grossing Entertainment Apps in the Google Play and Apple stores. #CollectorsAtHeart